Behind the Quill

It all started with a lamp.FullSizeRender

Several summers ago while thrift shopping for classroom decor, I stumbled upon a brass lamp with a dingy, old shade. So, I bought a can of glossy black spray paint and a fine-point sharpie and went to work.

Since I’m an English teacher, I took out one of the scripts I’d be reading with my students that year, Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, and carefully began writing Duke Orsino’s  woebegone soliloquy of Act I onto the shade. Thus, Twelfth Light was born.

This site is is an outlet for prose and poetry, literary research, and occasionally some of my student’s writing and/or teaching epiphanies.

Keep the quill moving,







Destiny is a high school English teacher in Bucks County, PA. She graduated from Kutztown University with her teaching degree in 2007. It was obvious that she missed sitting cross-legged on campus benches reading some obscure text, so she returned to KU and earned her Master’s in English in 2013. When she isn’t reading and writing, she is probably redecorating some room in the house, thrifting, or teaching her twin girls how to be feminists.





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